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MAGIC BRAIN KICKS by Dr. Maria Hoffacker

Jun 5, 2020

(*English) This podcast is about change, about anthropology about social anthropology and about to be human in these times with all this current challenges. Ida is a digital and cultural expert. She studied social anthology at the University of Cambridge and works for hubraum, the tech incubator of Telekom.

So we discuss methods and possibilities regarding diversity and inclusion. And what are the main learnings of corona are. How can you contribute to a kind, sustainable and inspiring world that dares to tackle complex challenges head-on? What are the interdisciplinary tools?


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MAGIC BRAIN KICKS – Happiness and success are no coincidence, but the right use of brain power. The podcast of Dr. Maria Hoffacker – biologist, theologian, educator. In this podcast I will show you how you can really use the infinite potential of your brain, your biological supercomputer. You can expect inspiration and practical applications from modern brain research for your personal success. We talk about how to properly feed your head, heart and stomach so that they become your inner power team with which you can achieve everything. At a time when everything is being digitized and artificial intelligence seems to be taking over everything from us, you will find out how superior your own human brain apartment is when you know how to control it properly. In the weekly podcast episodes you will find specific tools, expert interviews and many experience stories from my own life as a marine biologist, environmental manager, science editor and lecturer More Information: Here you can choose an appointment for a free first coaching:

Ich gebe in meinem Podcast und meinen Mentoring-Programmen Wissen und Tools aus der modernen Neuroscience weiter, damit Weiterentwicklung in diesen besonderen Zeiten gelingt.

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