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MAGIC BRAIN KICKS by Dr. Maria Hoffacker

Mar 31, 2023

Start-up Kanga Care wants to reduce the mortality rate of premature babies in African countries. Due to the distance to the nearest health center, emergency care for mothers and newborns often cannot be provided quickly in many African countries. Therefore, mortality rates of premature babies are high. With their potentially Life-saving innovation, Kanga Care, a start-up founded by students from Mbarara University, Uganda, won the first place prize at Constructor University's Young Entrepreneur Summit (YES).

In this podcast episode, I welcome three team members of Kanga Care: Ayikoru Comfort, the team leader, and Mutaka Keith, a core team member. Both will graduate this May with a bachelor's degree in medicine. And Kibande Steven, he is the CTO. He studies electrical and electronics engineering – and he was in Bremen at the Constructor University and did the final pitch.

In this inspiring interview they explain how they plan to reduce the mortality rate of premature babies in African countries. And how they developed a baby carrier that is equipped with vitality measurement technology and allows parents to monitor the child's condition via an app. And how you can support them.

Here you will find more information:

Young Entrepreneur Summit:

Video of the final pitch (Start at 1:43):





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Mentors and Orga-Team of the Young Entrepreneur Summit (YES) 2023 at Constructor University in Bremen


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