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MAGIC BRAIN KICKS by Dr. Maria Hoffacker

Nov 29, 2021

What kind of patterns do we need for the future? How should we work and live in the future? What kind of skills and methods do we need? We should focus and own our own minds. And we should create new dealings with the appearing issues. Let´s learn more about future patterns and studies from Markuu Wilenius, who give future skills trainings. I met him in a tea house in Dubai. Markku Wilenius has started to work as a Dean of Dubai Future Academy beginning this February 2021. Previously he worked as a professor of futures studies in Finland Futures Research Center which is situated in the University of Turku. He is also UNESCO Chair for learning Society and Futures of Education. He worked with Allianz, world largest private insurer, leading their strategic research and development. And he is a passionate agent for change. That is why he has been engaged with The Club of Rome, world’s best known think-tank for future and has led Finnish delegation in Johannesburg Sustainable Development Summit. He has published books and articles widely.

Here you can find more information about the projects and the book mentioned in the podcast-episode:
Professor Markku Wilenius
Dean, Dubai Future Academy
Professor, University of Turku

UNESCO Chair of learning for transformation and planetary futures
Last published book ”Patterns of the Future" by World Scientific:

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